Mass Media and Children | Spring 2011 | Temple University

Developed by the students enrolled in Renee Hobbs' Mass Media and Children course, Temple University, Spring 2011

We examine most popular children's television show, ICarly, as a means to understand both the art and the business of childrens' media while exploring how the series represents adolescents and adults, video and online technology tools, as well as social and ethical relationships and values. Read about the beginnings of our journey.


Negative Representations, Stereotypes, and Bad Role Models In iCarly Matt Geiger

Superiority Displayed through Social Relationships on iCarly by Christin St.Pierre

The Use of Stereotypes in iCarly by Alexis Berry

Girl Power by Stacey Rand

Sexuality in iCarly, Sasha White

iHate iCarly, Anjelica Orloff

Parenting (or Lack Thereof) in the Wacky World of iCarly by Stephanie Hudson

Fan Boyz by Earl Shields

iCarly and Apple: Are Children Understanding? by Kelly Reed

Double Coding in iCarly by Aaron Wolf

The Reality Behind Cyber Bullying by Brendan Reynolds

Hatred and Sam by Cassandra Butkowski

iCarly, the Internet and the Impact, by Caitlin Gainsborg and Marjorie Thomas

Minority Report How Minority Children Identify with iCarly by Danielle Townsend

Commercials and Consumer Society present in iCarly by August Navarro

Technology's Transforming Effect on Traditional Nickelodeon Ideals by John Infante

Children and Advertising by Mark Robinson

Gender Stereotypes and iCarly by Blake Neal

Commercials in iCarly by Robert Weir

Characteristics of the iCarly Website and User Response to the iCarly Website by Daniel W. Yi
FINDING QUESTIONS. Brainstorm to identify the most important questions
to examine in an inquiry about ICarly.
Develop a Research Proposal
DUE: March 18
BEGIN THE JOURNEY. Build background knowledge about Nickelodeon.
Write a Precis
DUE: March 25
DEVELOP YOUR RESEARCH. Gather more information to develop your project or review videos closely to develop your argument. Produce some text to demonstrate that you're making process on the project.
Research Report 1
DUE: April 1
DEEPENING OUR QUESTIONS. Tackle more complex questions that test specific
hypotheses or explore particular issues of interest.
Research Report 2
April 8
SHARE WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED. Present ideas using print and multimedia to inform
different target audiences about our journey of exploration.
Final Report wirh
Multimedia Production Component
DUE: April 27, 29

Resources Available to Students for Completing this Project

Season 1, Volume 1
Season 1, Volume 2
Season 2, Volume 1
Advertising Disk 1
Advertising Disk 2
Online Videos Relevant to ICarly
Real Life iCarly
Miranda Cosgrove's Music Career
Dan Schneider
five parodies
Nielsen Ratings
Reviews from Kids and Adults
ICarly Wiki -
Musica Domicile
Interviews with Three Children Ages 4, 8, and 11