iCarly : iTwins (2009) - August Navarro
Promo - Up Next: More iCarly
10 Second Spot for iCarly up next
Children already watching iCarly
Promo - Brand New iCarly Special
Promo for new iCarly Special
iCarly Fans
Commercial - Polly Pocket Ice Cream Water Park Toy
Mattel toy showcased. Girls playing with toy,
Catchy jingle in background singing about how
to play with the toy.
Girls age 6 - 12.
Commercial - Mars Needs Moms Movie
Animated movie commercial. Shows scenes
from the film.
Rated PG - Boys and Girls 6 - 15.
Commercial - Sorry! Sliders Game
Shows a family playing the board
game. Child says "Sorry dad, you're goin down!"
Boys and Girls 8 - 15
Parents of young children
Commercial - Honey Nut Cheerios
Animated bee character defeats bad guy to save
the honey nut cheerios. Offer for free "decoder"
inside special boxes of cheerios.
Boys and Girls 5 - 16
Commercial - McDonalds
Soft music playing, shows a child eating a happy
meal on a picnic blanket. "Joy is a gift...This is
the box it comes in."
Parents of young children.
Commercial - McDonalds
Action music playing: Promoting action figure toy
inside happy meals.
Boys 6 - 14
Promo - Miranda Cosgrove Music Special
Miranda's music plays in background, shows
clips from the show.
Fans of iCarly
Promo - Now Here's more iCarly
10 Second Spot for iCarly
Chlidren watching iCarly
Promo - Victorious
Girl singing a catchy song on a beach. "Don't miss
Victorious only on Nick
Girls 8-16
Promo - Kids Choice Awards 2011
Bright Colorful Drawlings, Jack Black being silly.
Nick watchers.
Commercial - Chucky Cheese
Kids having fun and playing video games.
Boys and Girls 4 - 13
Commercial - Power Rangers Toy
Samurai mega droid action figure. Boys playing
with toy and having fun
Boys 7-12
Commercial - Pops Cereal
Shows cereal hanging out by the pool. "Part of a
delicious and nutritious breakfast."
Children and Parents of young
Commercial - Animated Film "Rio"
Scenes from the film.
Rated "G"
Commercial - Strawberry Shortcake Berry Cruiser
Remote Control Car is featured, two girls playing
and having fun. "Im in control of where Strawberry
Girls 6 - 12
Commercial - Capri-Sun Drink
Girl playing with remote control car flattens the
pouch. "Respect the pouch"
Kids 6 - 15
Commercial - MoonDough
Playdoh like toy. Displaying what you can make
with MoonDough.
Kids 4 - 10