For this script we decided to focus on the idea of “violent stories are a mean to explore power” (page 15). In this story we created, a young boy Steven Jones is struggling with dealing with the loss of his father not only at school but also at home. He is very distant towards his mother and does not seem enthused about anything now days. His worried mother, Mary Jones decides to ask her friend Susan Gordon for some advice on how she dealt with the same issue with her son Michael.
A devastated Mrs. Jones picks up the telephone to call Mrs. Gordon about her sons inability to pay attention in school and participate with other children.
MRS.JONES – Oh Susan, it’s happening again. I don’t know what to do with Steven anymore.
MRS.GORDON- Calm down, Mary. Take deep breathes. What happened this time? Another call from Steven’s teacher?
MRS.JONES- (sobbing on the phone)Yes. It’s worse than ever. Ever since his father passed, he just isn’t the same. Today he threw his lunch tray at one of the cafeteria ladies because they ran out of pizza. He refuses to go outside during recess with the other kids and he can’t pay attention in class which is affecting his grades dramatically.
MRS.GORDON – Well, have you talked to the doctor?
MRS.JONES- Yes, but all he wants to do is put Steven on medicine but I don’t want him to get involved with the different medications. I don’t know what else I can do.
MRS.GORDON- Mary don’t lose hope, you know I went through the same thing with Michael. There are other ways to deal with this then medicating your son.
MRS.JONES- I know you had problems with Michael in the past, what did you do to turn him around?
MRS.GORDON- Listen, I know you don’t allow Steven to read any violent material, but what worked for Michael was actually comic books.
MRS.JONES- (stops sobbing) Comic books! That’ll be the day that works for my Steven. That’ll only make him worse.
MRS.GORDON- No Mary, I thought the same thing. I know it’s complicated to understand but I did a lot of research on this and it truly helped Michael a lot.
MRS.JONES- (hesitantly, she questions the method) – Okay, so how would violent comic books help Steven from acting out in school?
MRS.GORDON- Well, before I figured that all comic books were about power hungry characters just looking for fights, but after reading a few myself, I’ve learned that each story has an underlying message and a way for children to relieve some of their stress.
MRS.JONES – (shocked, she skeptically asks more information) I still don’t know, I don’t see how this would help Steven.
MRS.GORDON - Before, Michael was very hard to talk to, he just wanted to shut out the world but after I let him read some of these comic book stories, he was able to turn all of his violent thoughts into happier ones. He was able to control his anger by relating to the characters in the comic books.
MRS.JONES- Well, I would feel much better about Steven reading comic books than having him be put on medication…
MRS.GORDON- Mary, I’m telling you it worked. Why don’t you just give it a shot?
MRS.JONES- Okay, well do you have any suggestions of what type of comic book?
MRS.GORDON- Michael really enjoyed the stories of Spider Man. It taught him a lot about responsibility and dealing with the loss of a family member. He learned that he can use his creative ideas and strength to help people rather than to cause harm.
MRS.JONES- Okay, well I have some comic book shopping to do. I will let you know how it goes for Steven. Thanks so much for the advice.
MRS.GORDON- Okay Mary, I hope everything works out well. Call me tomorrow.
MRS.JONES- Thanks again, Bye. (Hangs up phone)
Mrs. Jones walks upstairs to Stevens’s room to give him his new comic books. She reaches for the knob only to find out the door is locked.
MRS.JONES- (Knocks on Steven’s door) Hello, can I come in?
STEVEN- No! I’m busy!
MRS.JONES- Steven, don’t be like that. I have something for you.
STEVEN- (not so enthused) Oh. Well, what is it? (Slowly walks over to his door to let his mother in)
MRS.JONES- I know in the past I wouldn’t let you read comic books because they were too violent, but I think you are old enough now so I bought you a few issues of Spider Man.
STEVEN- (excited, he grabs the comics out of his mother’s hand) Wow! I can’t believe this! I’ve always wanted to read about Spider Man
MRS.JONES –(surprised at how enthused Steven is about reading) Yeah, Spider Man is about an average boy just like you who used his powers to do good and help people. (Looks at Steven flipping through all the pages of each book)Okay, well I will leave you to your comic book reading.
MRS.JONES-(to herself) Ugh, I really hope this works for him. If this fails, I don’t think I have any other choice but to put him on medication.
The phone rings.
MRS.JONES – Hello?
MRS.GORDON- Hi Mary, its Susan.
MRS.JONES- Oh Hi Susan, I have been meaning to call you!
MRS.GORDON (shocked) – Well, by the tone of you voice I am going to guess that Steven has showed some improvement?
MRS.JONES- Oh Susan, it’s working so well for him. (Giggling) He really has shown so much improvement. His personality has changed, he is showing more self-confidence. Finally, he enjoys spending time with me again and he even asked if a friend could come over this weekend!
MRS.GORDON- See Mary, I knew this would work!
MRS.JONES – Seriously Susan, thank you! Steven has learned so much about taking responsibility for his own actions and his whole attitude about life has become so positive. He realized that his father would have wanted him to be happy and do well in school and in life.
MRS.GORDON- Well I am very pleased to hear that I was able to help you and Steven overcome such a tough time.
MRS.JONES- Thank you Susan, I will keep you updated on his progress!
MRS.GORDON- Okay, talk to you soon, Goodbye.