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Dialogue: Paper 4, Killing Monsters

The Knights of Cedar Hill”
(John, Aaron, and Chris have been best friends since they were little, all having grown up in the same neighborhood (Cedar Hill). They are 10 and in fourth grade. When not as school they play knights together roaming their neighborhood and conquering the dragons, evil warlords and saving princesses with their homemade swords and shields. This story begins when the boys are leaving school and are confronted by two well-known bullies at school they have nicknamed Sir Big n Ugly and the other Sir Dirty Face.)

The boys are heading home and are confronted by the bullies.

SIR BIG N UGLY: Hey losers! Where are you going? Home to your mamas so they can change your diapers before you play your little games??
SIR DIRTY FACE: Yeah weirdos! Go have fun killing fake dragons hahahaha!
(Sir Dirty Face pushes John and he trips and falls as they try to walk away and ignore the bullies. Aaron and Chris go help him up and they run away. Then shortly after seeing the incident from afar, Chris' two older cousins, who attend high school not too far away, came over to see what happened.)

Cousin 1: What happened, guys? Why was John on the ground?
Cousin 2: Yeah, what was all that about?
Chris: Those two idiots came over and started messing with us again
John: Yeah, and he made me trip in front of Chris and Aaron
Cousin 2: Who did? Those two over there? (pointing at Sir Big N Ugly and Sir Dirty Face)
Aaron: Yeah, that's them. They never leave us alone
Cousin 1: Okay then (taking a evil glance at the two bullies who were scurrying away from the scene), we'll keep an eye out on those two
Cousin 2: Yeah, and if you need any kind of help dealing with those two punks, you just let us know. You got that, little cousin?
Chris: Okay, I will
(Then the two cousins walked with them until they were away from school grounds, then they went home once the coast was clear of the two bullies.)
AARON: Gosh those guys are such jerks, I wish we could do something about it.
JOHN: (running and jumping into the air and stabbing downward with imaginary sword) AAAARGHHH! Die you foul coward!!!!
CHRIS: Today, mission of the knight protectors of Cedar Hill: Destroy Sir Big n Ugly and Sir Dirty Face and bring peace and power back to Cedar Hill!!

Chris: Alright men let us get some sustenance before our difficult and dangerous mission begins.
(he brings over a plate of milk and cookies his mom prepared for them, they eat around their stone “camp fire”)
John: Shall we begin by sparring to make sure we are at top level performance Sir Chris?
Chris: Yes we shall, Sir john, Sir Aaron, you first, then we’ll switch. Go!
(John and Aaron face eachother, stick swords drawn out of their belts, carboard shield protecting them. They crouch, facing eachother, their scariest grimaces on their faces)
John and Aaron: Aaaarghhhh!!!! (the sword fight begins and they relentlessly stab, slice and lunge at eachother)
Aaron: Ouchh! (as his fingers get rapped by Johns sword) Ok, ok! You win! (he lays down on the floor and pretends to be dead)
John: (standing with on foot on Aarons chest) I am the victor!
(Then they switch, John against Chris this time, until Chris finds himself defeated)
John: I am the victor again!!! I will crush any who stand in my way and I will show no mercy! You guys are lucky you’re my friends or I would have chopped your heads off and fed your organs to the vultures slowly and painfully…
Aaron: Ok guys, shall we get started on the great mission?
John and Chris: yeah! (and they begin to chant, “Knights of Cedar Hill! Knights of Cedar Hill!)
(The boys then busy themselves creating scarecrow like figures made of sticks, leaves and old t shirts and baseball caps to represent their enemies. When these are done they place them up right and back to back at the far end of the yard and then prepare themselves for “battle”.)

John: Sir Aaron, Sir Chris, are you ready to go to battle good men?

Chris and Aaron: Yes sir! (with stick swords drawn in the air)

John: Attack!!!!!
(After John leads the way toward the dummies, Aaron and Chris begin to follow John’s lead while hollering war-like chants with stick swords above their heads. Then they begin to take turns slashing the dummies with their swords with obvious fury behind each swing of the stick)

Aaron: Take that you big jerk! (hitting the dummy in the head that represented Sir Big N Ugly)

John: And take this you oversized, booger eating idiot! And take this too for making me fall in front of my friends! (Whacking the dummy representing Sir Dirty Face in the neck and chest)

(Then after John and Aaron were slashing at the dummies for a couple of minutes, Chris began hollering while charging the dummy representing Sir Big N Ugly with a full head of steam)

Chris: In honor of the Cedar Hill Knights, prepare to meet your maker! (And took a giant swipe at the dummy, knocking the hat off of it and leaves flying in all directions)

Chris: And as for you, you ugly bird brain, where do you think you are going? (Making his way over to the dummy representing Sir Dirty Face)

John and Aaron: Yeeeaaahhhh, where are you going?

Chris: On the count of three, let’s take him down knights! (pointing to the dummy remaining)

(Then the three boys counted to three and begin attacking the dummy representing Sir Dirty Face, until there we no more leaves left, but just a t-shirt and baseball cap laying on the ground. Then Aaron went over to stab the dummy representing Sir Big N Ugly while it was on the ground to finish him off)

John, Chris and Aaron: Hooray Knights of Cedar Hill! (All in unison, while having their feet on the chest of the defeated dummies)

John: This calls for a celebration good men.

Chris and Aaron: Yeah!
(Then the three boys huddled around their stone campfire, enjoying their milk and cookies, pretending as if it was food given to them by the king for their good works)
Aaron: Hey guys, I have an idea (in deep thought after wiping the cookie crumbs from around his mouth)
Chris: What is it?
John: Yeah, what is it , Aaron?
Aaron: I was just thinking that if we destroyed those dummies today that were copies of those bullies, then why can't we stand up to them in reality?
John: You've got a point, Aaron. Especially since they're both dummies in real life
(The three boys began to erupt in laughter at John's remark, but there was a sense of uneasiness in the face of Chris)
Aaron: What's wrong Chris?

Chris: Well.....I'm all for getting back at those two bullies, but how are we going to stand up to them though FOR REAL? They are a lot bigger than us

John: Oh come on, Chris. You know that those punks can't defeat the Knights of Cedar Hill together. You see those pile of leaves over there, right? (pointing at the leftovers of the mangled dummies)

Chris: Yeah......

John: Then why can't that be them for real? We can take them. We are the Knights of Cedar Hill, right?

Chris: Yeah, I guess you're right (nodding his head with a little more optimism)

Aaron: I say we should stand up to them tomorrow at school and let them know that we mean business! All in favor, say I!

Chris and John: I!
(Then the three boys drew their stick swords above their heads and shouted “Knights of Cedar Hill” over and over, while going in circle. Then when the next morning came, the three boys knew it was time for the Knights of Cedar Hill to make their presence felt to the bullies. After putting on the school close and eating their breakfast before heading to school, each one of them remembered to sneak their stick swords into their book bags for the big event.)
The boys are confronted by the bullies.
Sir Big N Ugly: Well, well, well, I see the nerd trio made it to another day of school

Sir Dirty Face: Hahaha, yeah. I guess you all enjoy getting wedgies from us, huh?

John: I'm warning you guys, you all better leave us alone.

Chris and Aaron: Yeah, we're warning you.

(The two bullies looked at each other and began laughing uncontrollably, almost until they could not breathe.)

Sir Dirty Face: Are you three dorks serious? You think we are afraid of you?

Sir Big N Ugly: Yeah, what are you three lame brains going to do to us? Steal our lunch money?

Aaron: No not exactly. Something a little more like this.....

( from behind some trees step out 2 older boys, Chris’ cousins, arms crossed, scowling. The 3 younger boys take out their stick swords)

Cousin 1: If you guys ever bother these guys again, I’ll let them use those on you! (motioning towards the swords)

Cousin 2: And if that’s not enough, you’ll have to deal with us.

Sir Dirty Face and Sir Big N Ugly: Yeah ok whatever….

Chris: You promise you will leave us alone now?

Sir Big N Ugly: We promise, geez.
(The two bullies sulk away looking defeated.)

(The three boys face eachother looking victories and high five. they cheered in happiness and began to celebrate their victory over the bullies.)
Chris, John, Aaron: Hooray Knights of Cedar Hill! Hooray!