By: Stacey Rand

Dan Schneider has acting, writing, and producing credits. Most known for his work with children’s television and movies, Dan created such hits as iCarly, The Amanda Show, and All That. Dan was a teenage actor himself with his most prominent role being in the television show Head of the Class where he played the boy Dennis Blunden. He has created nine children’s television shows and wrote two movies Good Burger and Big Fat Liar (Wikipedia).

“Tween on the Screen” talks of Dan Schneider’s immeasurable talent in foreseeing successful kids programming, his high reputation at Nickelodeon has enabled the channel’s executives to trust him completely without any doubt concerning his visions. He has made various hits for Nickelodeon and is well respected within the Viacom community. Before iCarly even came into existence, Dan knew two of the actors and nothing else; no plot, no writing staff, not even a script for the first episode. Meanwhile, this hypothetical show was already committed to thirteen episodes and the reason why is because Dan Schneider is so good at what he does. He was a child actor and his goal in producing kid’s programming is to empower the child actors. He states “So what I try to do on my shows is to have kids come out on top. They’re the smartest ones in the room. They’re the ones in charge.” Dan’s mission is “kids win” and adheres to that motto on and off screen (Dee).

Dan Schneider saw Miranda Cosgrove’s talent as the 8 year old little sister in another one of the shows he produced for Nickelodeon called Drake and Josh. He was faced with the challenge of bringing iCarly up to the same popular level of Drake and Josh – which happened to be in the top most popular shows of Nickelodeon history. Dan has a knack for spotting talent and the article states, “Mr. Schneider, has become the Norman Lear of children’s television, at least in the way he uses one series as a platform to spawn another.” Schneider wanted to give iCarly a high-tech feel yet not be overly geeky, his goal was to embrace technology but not go into too much detail about it (Steinberg).

Dan’s most recent project is the Nickelodeon show called Victorious, which debuted on the channel late March of 2010. Like iCarly, Victorious is a live-action comedy series starring a female lead. Victorious focuses around high school student Tori Vega, as she attends ‘an elite performing arts’ school. The cast is all teens who sing, dance, act, and perform to original soundtracks custom-made for the show. Many of the other cast members have been on Broadway and other Nickelodeon productions before being casted on Victorious (Alford).

From Internet Movie Database, one can see all of Dan Schneider’s credits. Most of his credits especially writing and producing are aimed at tween audiences. He has written and produced such hits as Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, and his most recent which has just finished its first year airing is Victorious (IMDb).

Dan Schneider’s work history and his reverence in the industry explain why he has had basically nothing except hits on television. He is a man of wonderment as his ideas and confidence have changed kid’s programming from the past. Nickelodeon would not be the prominent kid’s network it is today if it was not for the intelligence of Dan Schneider.

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