Overview. Students develop a wikispaces page to present their original research on ICarly, then share what they have learned by making an oral presentation with multimedia support materials.

PROJECT AND PRESENTATION DUE: Wednesday, April 27 and Wednesday, April 29

Criteria for Evaluation
1. Paper. The website includes a 1000 - 1500 word summary of the project, well-formulated to include a (1) rationale, (2) a strategic connection to the work of Sarah Banet-Weiser, (3) clearly stated research questions, (4) careful description of the project's approach to gathering data/methodology, (5) a well-organized presentation of data/evidence and results, and (5) thoughtful discussion of key findings which integrates the thesis statement with evidence from the research project and the course readings.
2. Presentation. The oral presentation offers a cogent summary of the key thesis statement and supporting ideas, presented in a way that demonstrates professionalism and credibility, using multimedia support materials that enhance the audience's understanding of the main argument. Target length: 5 minutes. Goal: persuade listeners to view your website.

1. The website offers high-quality ideas and information that meet the specification of the assignment.
2. The website is designed with the needs of the reader in mind: it is visually attractive, well-organized and credible.
3. The presentation is informative and persuasive and makes some use of multimedia support materials.


Formatting a Page
Making a Rounded Corners Box
How to Create an Image Link in Wikispaces