To practice our interview skills and reflect on the process of human development, we interviewed three children and their parent and caregiver about their use of media and technology and their attitudes and opinions about iCarly. Every student in the class had some opportunity to interview and to take notes. In an in-class writing, students compose a well-written response to these questions:
  • Describe the child's personality in a few brief sentences.
  • Describe what types of media and technology the child likes best.
  • Describe what you noticed when the child used the computer himself or herself.
  • Offer some direct quotes or closely paraphrase the child's key observations, attitudes and opinions about iCarly.
  • Offer your own opinion about how your experience interviewing a child or parent may or may not add insight on our iCarly research project.
  • Children of different ages have unique ways of talking about TV show, websites and videogames. Describe some of the unique characteristics of the way the child talked about media and technology.
  • Reflect on the process of interviewing children and adults about media and technology. What did you notice about the interview process? What techniques were most effective and why? What techniques were least effective and why?

Emma, age 4
Emma, Age 4
Austin, age 11

Erin, age 8

Erin, age 8
Austin, age 11

What We Noticed about Interviewing Kids