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After screening several episodes of iCarly, the question must be asked, does iCarly have positive role models for children? In iCarly we see many forms of stereotyping in multiple episodes. Not only do we see stereotyping and negative representations, but many of the characters do things in the shows, that if children in the real world did this they could have very negative consequences. We see many instances when iCarly uses technology and the internet, do they show safe ways and realistic outcomes for their creations of the internet? There are many instances of representations of themes, such as sexuality, that are shown that may not give children the best way to act appropriate in the real world.


The Child Characters in iCarly give a negative representation and are overall negative role models to children viewers by showing a unrealistic lifestyle, in which if children acted like them in reality, it would cause them harm.


I have screened 4 episodes of iCarly and have noted all negative themes or representations, stereotypes, bad role modeling by main characters, what would happen if children did this in the real world, and negative or unrealistic ways iCarly represents and uses the internet. After concluding my thoughts on my notes for each episode, I can compile my theories and prove and answer my question do the iCarly characters serve as negative role models for children?



iHave A Love Sick Teacher

iGo Nuclear

iLook Alike

Kids Rule

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iBad Role Models: Key Findings and Conclusion:

iBad Role Models

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