By Earl Shields
DeAndre Cortez Way: AKA Soulja Boy Tell’em
20 years old
Used Youtube to become famous. Selfpublished his song, which was discovered in September 2007. He is now signed under Stacks On Deck/ Interscope Records. He has three successful studio albums: Souljaboytell’, iSoulja Boy Tell’em, and The DeAndre Way.
Justin Bieber
17 years old
American singer/ songwriter
Used youtube to become known. He performed Neo’s “So Sick” song at a competition. This performance, along with other performances, where posted on a youtube channel in early 2007. Justin was at the time 12 years old. Scooter Braun later stumbled upon one of his videos in 2008 and decided to manage him. Scooter was a former manager from So So Def Records. Justin Bieber is now a successful pop icon under Island/ RBMG Records. He also has a documentary movie about his claim to fame.
Priscilla Renea Hamilton
22 years old
American singer
Used youtube to become known. She began posting videos of herself singing in her room. She sang songs that she herself had written. She also sang the dictionary. Due to her talent, Renea’s youtube channel received over 30,000 subscriptions, which opened up doors for her. She was invited on MTV’s Say What? Karaoke in 2007. This allowed her to be discovered. She is now signed to Capitol Records with her debut album Jukebox, which dropped on December 1, 2009.
Perez Hilton
33 years old
American gossip blogger
He used the internet to become famous. After graduating from New York University in 2000, Hilton started a website of gossip blogs. His first site was called which later he called On March 11, 2005 his first site was listed “Hollywood’s Most” hated Website by The Insider. He now has his own TV show.
Lucas Cruikshank
17 years old
Comedian and actor
He used youtube to become famous. He began a youtube channel in which he introduced his created character named Fred Figglehorn in April 2008. By April 2009 he had over one million subscribers. In September 2010 Fred: The Movie premiered on Nickelodeon. He featured in ICarly in 2009. Episode “ iMeet Fred.

Great selection of kid communicators, Earl. And I think I see where you're going with this--- it seems smart and cool. But you need to craft this into a proposal. Provide a rationale for why it's important to compare and contrast real kids who have become pros to the narratives provided by iCarly about the process. Then offer a step-by-step process about how you will research these individuals and how you will analyze their careers in relation to some of the themes featured in the iCarly show.