For Research Report 1, you're free to select your own focus, depending on the specific project you're developing. The idea is to make real progress on your project and report that progress in a public way on the wiki, so that others can comment, offer feedback and review.

Some options include:

  • Review one episode carefully and pull out specific quotes or write detailed description of particular issues you're interested in.
  • Review one episode and develop a list of questions to discuss with children who will be viewing the episode.
  • Conduct library or online research to learn more about the show, its history, context, and economics.

DUE: Friday, April 1
**The Title's Significance- Questions for children by Kelly Reed

**Sexuality in iCarly- Sasha White

Girl Power - Comparing Different Shows, by Stacey Rand

Stereotypes used on iCarly - Alexis Berry

Internet use in iCarly - Caitlin Gainsborg

Double Coding in iCarly - Aaron Wolf

Peer Pressured into Hating iCarly - Anjelica Orloff

Representation of technology and the website, Marjorie Thomas

The Meaning and Purpose of Hate - Cassandra Butkowski

Cyber Bullying Initiatives in iCarly - Brendan Reynolds

Gender Themes in iCarly - Blake Neal

Commercials in iCarly Robert Wer

How Power is Depicted in iCarly by Christin St.Pierre

How Parents See Adult Representation in iCarly - Stephanie Hudson

Advertising on TV and Online in iCarly by August Navarro
Cyber Culture by Earl Shields

Consumer Citizenship in iCarly by Mark Robinson

Minority Report How Minority Children Identify With iCarly Research report 2
by Danielle Townsend

Matt Geiger: Technologies major role in iCarly
For my Research project 1, I reviewed the episode iPity the Nevel. I this episode iCarly's arch nemesi, Nevel is caught in a video online yelling at a little girl. With the video getting many views and a lot of negative comments, this is seen by the iCarly crew as the "downfall" of Nevel. They even throw a celebration for his downfall party. At the end of this party Nevel shows up, disheveled and depressed, upset with himself and what he has done. He decides to side with iCarly and their gang and wants to change. After making sure he is with the gang, and making Nevel drink out of a sweaty shoe, they let Nevel apologize on their show and he is very apologetic. After the show airs Nevel gets a lot of positive comments on the air. It seems like Nevel is changed for good. That is until the end of the show when someone in a wheelchair bumps into him and he flips out at them, and of course, someone is recording him.

For my research project I am looking at the dependence of technology in iCarly and how technology is basically another character that the show depends on. In nearly every scene there was some kind of technology. If there wasn't technology in the scene itself, they were either filming the show, which had the camera lens effect on it so you knew someone was using a camera to film it, or they were talking about the new software they used to edit the vampire scene. Without technology the show couldn't exist. I found it very interesting that almost everywhere they went they either brought a camera to film or had some device that could record video. Even in the end, when Nevel is rude towards the man in the wheelchair, someone so happens to have a video camera filming him. This concerns me because I feel it gives a "Big Brother" effect where it is almost teaching children to film and capture everything. If kids were to follow this show and if the characters in it were their role models (certainly the case in many of the audience) they would certainly want to go around filming everything, and in the real world this may not be appreciated as much as it is as in the show. Also it may teach kids to live through the "lens" rather than experience things for themselves which concerns me as well.