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Detailed description of how various technologies are used and talked about in the episode
Detailed description of how gender, racial, role and occupational stereotypes are depicted in the episode
iWant More Viewers
Carly is getting into trouble with a teacher for photoshopping her head on a hippopotamus. Carly asked Freddy to help her record a video. She holds auditions for a talent show. Freddy puts Carly's audition online and Carly and Sam get angry. On a message board they get positive feedback from peers in their school, and are asked to do more. They decide to start a new show called ICarly that is made by kids and is for kids. They have a kid named Simon squirt milk out of his eyes and have others do incredible acts. They find out they get 30,000 hits from their first website showing. They end up throwing a big party and everyone tells them how much they love their show.
using photoshop, the use of smart phones, computer recording equipment, fancy cameras. The use of live streaming online on the program splash face. Message boards. Webcast.
The principal and teacher in the first scene are depicted as being goofy and immature, while Carly seems to be the reserved one. They pick on the geeky kid. The brother is depicted being very immature. The make fun of French people and little fat kids. Damn kids have no supervision to what they can and want to post online.
iHatch Chicks
Carly is looking for a partner for her science project. They decide on hatching chicks for their science project. They have a guest kid sit in a bath of eggs o promote their science project. They lose their chickens and rush to find them before they die, and they have a time limit. Spencer gets stuck in the heating ducks, and Carly and the crew keep finding chicks stuck in household appliances.
Using the laptop for her science project. They are using the green screen for their show. They have an egg cam on the baby chickens. They use walkie talkies
The over the top Boy crush on a girl. The typical dumb bully. Sam took the bullies wallet, which in turn makes her a crook. They treat hobos like trash. Brother still acts immature. The dumb wrestler jock.
iLike Jake
The hottest guy in school (Jake) breaks up with his girlfriend, prompting Carly to set her sights on him. When he asks to come and see where she shoots her web show, Carly invites him to her house. Jake mentions that he sings, and Carly - who's smitten by him - invites him to sing on the next episode of her show. Carly soon realizes that Jake is a terrible singer, and she is afriad that if she lets him sing on her show, that he will get embarrassed and hate her. Carly convinces Freddy to alter Jake's voice so that he sounds like he can really sing. Everyone loves Jake's song, and to Carly's dismay, Jake and his ex-girlfriend get back together after she tells him how much she loved his performance on iCarly.
Jake plays with Sam's sound effects remote; while they are shooting the show, the screen looks like your viewing it through a video camera; Freddy taping the show and altering Jakes voice with his equipment; Carly using the sound effects while Jake is on the show; Jake's grandmother uses an iPear computer to watch him perform on iCarly.
Dumb jocks; cool guy all the girls want; Carly dressing up to impress the hot guy (Jake); Carly acting like a fool in front of Jake because she is trying too hard to impress him.
iWanna Stay with Spencer
After a minor accident on the set of iCarly - caused by Spencer - Carly's grandfather comes to take her to live with him in Yakima. Carly doesn't want to leave, so she devises a plan to help her stay with Spencer. Her plan doesn't work, and their kitchen catches on fire. This only makes her grandfather more determined to take her with him. At the last second, Spencer proves himself to be a capable guardian by showign his grandfather the list of things he does for Carly to keep her safe and happy. Their grandfather eventually see's that Spencer is indeed a proper guardian and lets Carly stay with him.
Spencer has an iPod shuffle attached to his sleeve; Freddy shooting the show; Carly using the sound effects; Freddy plays a clip of a girl singing by hitting a button attached to a box on his belt; there is a graphic of turning up sound in between scenes.
Freddy (a guy) being the one who uses the technology and telling Sam not to touch his equipment; dumb older brother; Carly (who has brown hair) being the smart, sensible person as opposed to Sam (a blonde).
They start by promoting the new show by handing out flyers in school. Spencer is making a sculpture out of butter, while Carly is trying to get a kid named Nevel to write a review of her show. They hold show and have a couple of guest make appearances. She goes to Nevels house for a interview, and finds out he is a kid and not an adult. Sam turns the heat up in the apartment and it starts to melt Spencer's work of art. Nevel tries hitting on Carly, who gets upset and shoves cake in his face. Nevel writes a negative review about Carly's show, so they invite Nevel over to confront him and end up telling his Nevels mom. The mom makes nevel go write a positive review.
They use camera to tape the show, and the use of smart-phones. they are using e-mails and computer websites.
The black kid is always seen as beat-boxing. they portray the typical popular mean girl stereotype. The make fun of the geeky Asian stereotype. Grownups are seen as immature. The over protected Mom. They make fun of the sick kid.
After Carly covers for Sam after she pulls nasty prank on a teacher, both girls end up taping the school talent show auditions as punishment. When Freddy tapes them chatting behind the scenes and posts it on a blog, they become and instant sensation. This prompts them to create thir own web show called iCarly. For their first broadcast, they bring on the kids that they liked from the talent show auditions and have them perform. Their show in a huge success, and this starts off the whole series.
Freddy brings in all the tech stuff to tape the auditions; Freddy posts a clip of Carly and Sam talking onto an internet blog; Sam, Carly, and Freddy create an webshow using Freddy's equipment.
Funny fat kid; Freddy (a guy) being the tech person; two boys and one girl - boy is in love with one of the girls but she doesn't love him back.

Detailed description of the episode goes here
Detailed description of how various technologies are used and talked about in the episode
Detailed description of how gender, racial, role and occupational stereotypes are depicted in the episode
iScream on Halloween
While Spencer and Carly are talking, Carly discovers a letter they received by a mistake. Then when the person from the front desk tells her the intended occupant's apt. was vacant for 13 years, Sam and Carly decide to shoot the episode of iCarly in the abandoned apartment. Then while the three were recording the show, the apartment seems to be haunted when spooky things begin happening. Then when a voice begins to say "get out", they try to escape and the door locks. Then while they were trying to escape, they finally realize that that people do live in the apartment building and understand it was a big misunderstanding.
-Brother's cell phone to get pumpkin
-Carly's cell phone notifies her when its a hour from showtime
-Freddie's use of the laptop and camera for the show
-Adults are displayed as immature
-Kids are more direct, while adults seem to be indirect and passive
-People will do anything to get a good show
iSpy a Mean Teacher
While the three were in the hallway and spots a mean teacher, they decide to do an episode on mean teachers on iCarly. So in order to get some footage of their teacher, they go outside her apartment building to spy on her with a hidden camera. Then while they were recording her, a bee began to irritate the two, which caused them to go inside the teacher's apartment and they hid inside of a closet. Then while the two were in the apartment, they discovered she works out, has an obsession with American Idol's Randy Jackson and plays the bag pipe. Then Carly calls Sam to help them out, but then all three of them get caught by the teacher in the process of getting out. Then as the teacher began to discipline the children, she tells them that if they allow her to play her bagpipe on their show, she won't suspend them from school. So as the teacher began to play the bagpipe, they began to lose viewers by the second, Then to get the viewers back on, they experiment with different backgrounds on the green screen without her knowing. But as a end result, the teachers gets applauded by the kids at school the next day and everything is patched up between them.
The girl shows a picture of their teacher with her cell phone
-Video camera inside a piece of pie
-Carly uses her cell phone to call Sam
-Freddie's laptop that keeps track of viewers and controls the green screen
Girls don't care about technical equipment until they see the benefits of it
-Teachers are never pleasant
-Boys always want something they can't have
iWant to Date Freddie
The episode starts out with the three shooting an episode of iCarly and go to a portion where they talk to viewers of the show. Then when they get to a girl who goes to their school, she tells Freddie that she thinks he is cute and would love to go on a date with him. Then while they were preparing for the date, Freddie's mom gets excited and tries to get involved, but Freddie tries to fight her off. Then as Freddie and the girl are on the date, Carly and Sam spy on their date to see how it goes. Then the next day at school, the girl tells Freddie that she wants to start her own web series and wants him to help her. Then Freddie tells her he can't leave the iCarly team, but then she persuades him to help her and he decides to leave the crew. Then when Sam and Carly confronts Freddie on his decision, he explains to them how he wants to support his girlfriend and he had his friend to help them with the rest of the episodes. Then the first episode with Freddie's friend goes terrible and Freddie's girlfriend tries to recruit Sam the next day at school. Then when Freddie began to realize how his girlfriend was just using him, he decides to break up with her and he comes back to the iCarly crew after Sam tells him she appreciates his work on the team.
Freddie's equipment for the show
-Webcam to spy on Freddie's date
-Television on the set of Freddie's girlfriend's web series
-Those outside of the U.S. are dumb
-Mom's are always looking out for their children and are over-protective
-People will do whatever it takes to get what they want, even if it may destroy relationships
iWant a World Record
Sam is reading the Jonas Book of World records, when Carly and Freddie come over and they discover there is an entire section on Technology. Freddie gets really excited and decides they should attempt to beat the Worlds Longest Webcast of 24 hours on iCarly. On to webcast, Carly and Sam announce “Random Dancing Alarm” which goes off randomly to keep them awake. They announce a new segment called street fishing, where they stick a fishing pole out of their window and hook a baby doll whose had they rip off to spray confetti. Freddie manages to convince the girls to let him have a segment about technology, where he begins to speak about a new light bulb made that contains a special gas, that he drops and breaks when a “random dancing alarm” goes off. Three gas experts interrupt the show to evacuate the building due to the gas leak, then progress to ‘randomly dance with them.” Carly and Sam argue with gas guys until agreeing to leave the room, then Spencer helps them carry all the equipment down the flights of their building while they continue to stream live. Once they reach the last step they are told they can go back to their apartment. Spencer asks out the female Jonas world record representative, and is turned down. Her boyfriend holds the world record for the longest time not blinking, Spencer then attempts to break the record lasting for seconds at a time. We return to girls who are barely awake, they give each other ‘make-overs” where they smear lipstick on each others faces, then switch to Spencer and his statue, which he is currently sleeping on. In order to wake him up they tape down the trigger of an air horn and throw it down the elevator. The girls stick their heads in tube of ice water to stay awake, then Carly’s grandfather comes on the show and walks on his hands into the elevator. Webcast finale is Spencer’s horrendous culture which when plugged in lights, up and moves. The sculpture uses all the power and knocks down the show for four seconds. They lose the record. Jones World Record Rep comes back to tell them that Spencer broke a world record for the most moving parts on a sculpture. She brings with her the World’s fattest priest. Spencer suggest they ad one last piece onto the sculpture so they can be in the record book with him. Fat priest falls through the floor. Promo for iCarly.com.
a. Show open and standard show media platform.
b. 24 hour webcast.
c. 3 camera’s to broadcast show
d. Viewer sends in homemade video
e. Digital clock to countdown webcast time.
f. Everything is remote activated
g. Still digital camera
a. Substitute teachers not being taken seriously and made fun of, “Mr. Buttburn.”
b. Sam not obsessed with chubby priests, just the Worlds fattest Priest, Jonas world record keeper gives a signed picture of him.
c. Geeky Freddie who spurts random computer knowledge at the flip of a dime.
d. Stupid brother who makes up words, and is attempting make a sculpture “supertastic sculpture of stuff” out of old junk
e. Not stupid adult! Jonas World Record representative
f. Three adult Gas experts start “randomly dancing” with them
g. Most Americans hate exercise
h. Grandfather health freak
i. Five second rule
iRue the Day
This episode starts with an iCarly guest who can put his foot in his mouth flaking on Freddie, Sam and Carly to attend a Plain White Tee’s concert. Sam sees Gibby walking and tackles him to the ground while attempting to shove his foot in his mouth to replace the guest. The three kids attempt to put on their show, but things keep malfunctioning. Cut to them discussing to problems when Spencer spastically runs into the apartment and turns on the news where he is featured for saving a member of the Plain White Tee’s when a menu board at the mall almost crushed him. The band member autographs Spencer’s back and him ask them to perform on iCarly. Colonial Morgan who is serving with Spencer and Carly’s dad come sot visit, gives them presents from their father and invites them to dinner. During another iCarly broadcast the technology malfunctions again, and they find out when he broadcast’s himself onto their TV that Nevel is hacking them. When they are unable to find out how Nevel is hacking them, they decide to cancel the show, just as Spencer’s books the Plain Whites Tee’s. Sam, Carly and Freddie break into Nevel’s house to hack his computer and crash his sight. Freddie gets stuck when he descends from the ceiling and has to be cut down. The hacking attempt doesn’t work, but after Carly makes a quick phone call they decide to have the show after all. Nevel hack the show , broadcasting himself, when Colonial Morgan and a team descend on Nevel’s house and confiscate his computer, since his hacking was in violation of the Internet Security act of 1983. Instead of arresting Nevel the Colonial hangs him from the wires Freddie used when they broke in, and forces him to apologize to Carly. Back on iCarly, the Plain White Tee’s perform (but not ‘Hey there Dahlila” their most popular songs, that iCarly mention earlier in the show) Promo for iCarly.com while the credits role. Spencer makes Carly a giant A made out of a bunch of little A’s.
a. Show open and standard show media platform.
b. Malfunctioning viewer produced video, leads to malfunctioning TV
c. Carly takes pictures on her phone
d. Sam sends text message with her feet
e. Nevel hacks the show
f. Virus to hack Nevel’s website
a. Tough girl Sam.
b. Stupid, submissive random fat friend, they make fun of Gibby.
c. Continued stupid adults (Picture of old lady biting a brick)
d. Evil hacker enemy Nevel
e. Sam rates geeks on a scale from one to Freddie
f. Batty old women who is easily persuaded
iPromise Not to Tell
The show starts in Spencer and Carly’s apartment, with Spencer yelling “lamp” at a lamp, to get it to light. Carly finishes her history report, which she thinks will earn her an A, giving her straight A’s, then helps Spencer with the Japanese lamp instructions. They yell the Japanese word for Lamp, “Rampoo” out loud and the lamp lights. After intro, cut to history class with a teacher who speed talks and refuses to slow down as the kids fail to keep up, Carly get a B on her paper even though the teacher says it is the best in the class, but she printed it on three hole paper which he hates. Sam has a standing Tuesday appointment with the principal, when the secretary interrupts because she is unable to enter grades, Sam over hears the principals username and password to grade login, then when left alone, changes her, Freddie’s and Carly’s grades. Sam tells Carly and she get Freddie to agree to hack the network to change the grades back. Carly distracts the computer teacher by continuously fainting while Freddie hacks, but when back at home and attempting to change the grades back, the CSA (Computer Security Agency) storms in. The principal argues on their behalf, and they tell him they hacked the network to find out his birthday, and then proceed to give him their microwave as a present. Carly and Freddie feel bad that they were unable to change their grades back, when Sam tells them, “I promise it gets better, soon you’ll be able to lie and feel nothing at all.” Spencer tells their father about Carly’s A’s and he instructs Spencer to buy Carly a new Flat screen TV, which she doesn’t think she earned and wants to give to a hobo. At school, Carly makes the honor role, which pushes a smart Asian girl off the list. Carly so stressed over A, hears taunting voices in her head, spaces out during iCarly, then runs t Spencer to confess. He convinces her to tell the truth. Carly confesses to the principal, but Freddie confessed first, then Sam storms in and also confesses, which the principal agrees. He then lets Carly and Sam off the hook when they let him keep the microwave, and Sam gets detention. She then hack the computer again and changes her detention, before Carly pulls her out of the office by her hair. iCarly promo outro while credits role.
a. Show open and standard show media platform.
b. Voice activated lamp
c. School network, that is easily hack-able
d. High definition TV as a present
a. Technology comes from Japan (lamp)
b. Really angry Japanese man voice makes the lamp light.
c. Really strict stubborn teacher.
d. Bad girl Sam (standing appointment with principal)
e. Girl exaggerated hand and ankle shake
f. Geeky Freddy Again!
g. Students hating healthy foods (when hacking, they change the lunch menu from spinach to tater tots)
h. Making fun of hobo’s (Carly wants to give her new straight “A’s” flat screen TV to a hobo, but Spencer says, no! “hobo’s can’t afford cable”)
i. Smart Asian honor role student