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Detailed description of how various technologies are used and talked about in the episode
Detailed description of how gender, racial, role and occupational stereotypes are depicted in the episode
iAm Your Biggest Fan
-While brainstorming for ideas for their upcoming iCarly show, Freddie receives a fan letter from the shows "biggest" fan named Mandy.
-Carly and Sam decide to invite Mandy to the show to be their first live audience member.
-After the show is done Mandy is suppose to return home to Tacoma but instead decides to stay in Seattle and follow Sam, Carly, and Freddy everywhere.
-While Mandy is annoying the members of iCarly, Spencer is occuping his time by auditioning for a band and becomes a member.
-Spencer is kicked out of his band and Mandy hears the band's music and becomes obsessed and their new "biggest" fan finally leaving Sam, Carly, and Freddie alone.
-Freddie uses his iPear computer to create a new software named Twisted Vision for iCarly webshow.
-Freddie uses his video camera to film the iCarly webshow.
-Every couple of scences a time bar appears on the bottom of the screen and a computer mouse is used to move the show forward to the next scene.
-Spencer is seen receiving a text message on his cell phone from Seattle's Beat talent manager.
-At the end of the episode submitted viewer video messages are shown.
- Spencer is shown acting juvenile and needs Carly's emotional support when he his kicked out of his band.
-All of the main characters were white and all of the extras were also white except for one black woman who played in the band.
-Spencer makes a joke that he can answer a question as long as its not "Canadian trivia."
-Mandy references a weird Scandinavian market she has to visit.
-Freddie says he receives a gift card to bandanarepublic, instead of the real store banana republic.
iHeart Art
-Spencer decides to create 3 new sculptures to display in a local art exhibit.
-Carly e-mails Spencer's idol, artist Harry Joiner, to come see Spencer's work and boost his confidence.
- Harry Joiner comes to see Spencer's art work and says he dislikes all of his pieces and this sets Spencer into a depression.
- Carly, Sam, and Freddie use iCarly webshow to showcase Spencer's artwork and fans send back letters saying how much they enjoy his pieces.
-Despite the fan letters, Spencer decides to quit being an artist and gets a job a dental assistant.
-Freddie's mom who is very protective is asked to babysit Carly while Spencer is working at nights. Carly decides she needs to figure out a way to get Spencer to quit his new job and return to being an artist.
-Carly goes to visit Harry Joiner and get him to admit to Spencer that the reason he said he disliked his work was because he was jealous.
-Spencer decides to return to being an artist now that his idol thinks his work is amazing, and is offered $1,000.00 to create a sculpture for the dentist's office partnering up with Harry Joiner.
- Freddie uses his camera and camera to film iCarly.
- Spencer starts off being his usual immature self, but decides to get a job as a dental assistant and Carly comments by saying, "No you can't get a real job, you're Spencer!"
- Freddie's mom is not like Spencer with being immature, but instead the exact opposite as being an over protective mother who children dislike.
-Harry Joiner is the only adult depicted as a "normal" adult.
-The two adults who are featured as the doorman and the dentist are very unprofessional about their jobs by falling asleep while at work and being distracted while working on a patient.
iHate Sam's Boyfriend
Act 1:
- Sam is introduced to Freddy's classmate Jonah and instantly falls in love.
- Jonah and Sam begin dating and are inseparable. They are constantly texting
each other throughout school
- Spencer is working on a claymation movie for an indie film festival
- Sam blows off iCarly rehearsals to be
with Jonah and frustrates Carly and Freddy
Act 2:
- Carly attempts to speak to Sam about her issues with Jonah and about Sam not
coming to rehearsals.
- Sam shows up to rehearsal except with Jonah who critiques the show the whole time
- Jonah ruins Spencers claymation movie by moving and breaking a character
- Carly attempts to talk to just Jonah, who then tries to kiss her.
- Sam overhears Carly telling Freddy what
happened with her and Jonah and then breaks up with him.
Spencer uses a video camera and clay figures to make a claymation movie. He explains
how he is making it in detail as well
A lot of cell phone technology used like
texting,voice ringtones, speaker phone ect.
All the video equipment used in iCarly (Camera and computer)
Adults are depicted as a joke yet again as in the beginning of the show Freddy's teacher is dressed
as a chicken and many jokes are made about her.
Dating stereotypes are used between Sam and
Jonah such as talking about the "honeymoon"
phase of a relationship. Also lots of pet names
being used (baby,sweetie, ect)
The one guy who can never get the girl he wants
stereotype is hinted at often between Carly and
iDon't Want to Fight
-Carly and Sam have their 5 year anniversary from when they met, and Carly gives Sam a t-shirt with on the front and a picture of the two of them together on the back. Sam does not have a gift right away for Carly but promises to get her the best gift.
- Sam trades a boy at school the iCarly t-shirt she received as a gift for two concert tickets to Carly's favorite band cuddlefish.
- When Same reveals her gift to Carly and explains how she got tickets to the sold out concert Carly is insaulted that Same would trade her gift for tickets and this begins a fight between the two girls.
- Sam and Carly continue to fight because Same went to the concert without Carly and took another friend from school causing the iCarly webshow to be a bust and Freddie is forced to come up with a solution on how to get the girls to forgive eachother.
-Freddie devises a plan to broadcast on the iCarly webshow each version of the girl's story and let fans vote on who was right and who was wrong. The person with the least amount of votes is responsible for saying sorry and the two girls must become friends again.
-According to the poll from the webshow, the most votes went to the option that said both girls were being stupid and should say their sorry and remain friends.
- Sam and Carly apologize and hug things out and all is right in their world once again.
- Freddie is shown on his iPear computer.
-Freddie tapes the iCarly show using his equipment.
- Sam controls a background sound reel which includes applause or booing sounds from a fake audience.
- Spencer is shown in his usual role as irresponsible and acting more like a child than any of the children featured on the show. He is even shown not taking care of his pet fish and having to replace the dead fish multiple times.
- Carly references a British girl in her class with an annoying accent.
- Freddie says he might have to go to color me pot with his mother, making reference to the shop color me mine.
- A black male named Chris and an Asian male were featured as extras in this episode.
-Freddie openly admits his love for Carly introducing an interesting boy girl relationship on the show.
iPromote Tech-Foots
Act 1:
- Carly gets an e-mail from shoe company Daka that they'd like to meet with them.
- The group goes to Daka and meets with their staff about selling their shoe "The tech
foot on iCarly" they sign a $100k contract
- They love all the money they got and promote the shoe which turns out to be
different then the shoe they were shown
- Kids at school all buy the shoe and blame
Carly for all it's faults and say they won't
watch iCarly anymore unless they get refunds
Act 2:
- The kids go back to Daka and ask for them
to fix the faulty shoes with no luck. They
signed a contract and must continue to
promote the shoe or they will be sued.
- They remember that Spencer once went to law school for three days and he will help
get them out of the contract.
- They run an iCarly telling about all the faults of the shoe but twist it so the faults seem
good too.
- Daka goes to their house but Spencer finds
the loophole in the contract and helps save them from any legal trouble.
The show focuses around a show that has a built in pedometer, foot warmer, and Wifi.
Carly's phone buzzes and Freddy asks if it was
as text and she says "No e-mail"
Mentions of the webcast and how many web viewers they are getting
Freddy buy a brand new laptop
Spencer continues to not use new technology
while traveling he uses roller blades and a bike
made of out junk yard parts.
The Daka group uses photoshop to show them San Jose Dentist
what they want their promo to look like on iCarly
The stereotype of dumb adults is prominent throughout with the lawyers at Daka being outsmarted by kids
and one of the lawyers only ever saying "I'm stupid".
Canadian stereotypes with Canadian bacon called
When the kids get all the money Carly becomes
stereotypical hollywood girl buying 30 pairs of sunglasses and many other things
iGot Detention
Act 1:
- Sam is playing football in the hallways and hits a teacher in the face with a football.
- Sam gets detention on the night of the iCarly 50th webshow spectacular
- They devise a plan to get Carly and Freddy detention as well to have the show broadcast
from detention.
- Carly finally gets detention after many failed attempts but Freddy still is unable to get it so
they plan to sneak him in
Act 2:
- In detention they begin filming the show with a lookout for the teacher coming back.
- They dodge many close bullets of him coming back. He threatens to make them all do push ups
regardless of what the Principal says if he hears noise again
- They begin having turtle races and the teacher comes in unexpectedly. He begins yelling at them until the
principal shows up and saves them cause he was watching at home and heard what the teacher said.
Freddy installs a surveillance system into his locker with cameras to take photo's of anyone who breaks in.
New pear phone is indestructible
In detention when the teacher comes Freddy hides in the closet and the show is filmed off a hat
camera. The broadcast is lower video quality when it goes to the hat cam.
Sam has a remote control that produces graphics and sounds for the webcast
Bullying stereotypes were used a Gibby kept being given "Texas Wedgies" but no one seemed
to care everyone just laughed at him.
The older really bad kid always in detention was used with a kid named "Rip Off Ronny" who sold fake hall passes


Detailed description of the episode goes here
Detailed description of how various technologies are used and talked about in the episode
Detailed description of how gender, racial, role and occupational stereotypes are depicted in the episode
-The police use Spencer’s apartment as a stakeout location in their attempts to catch some movie bootleggers.
-Coincidentally, one of the cops on the stakeout is Spencer’s childhood bully from summer camp, Spanky, and is still abrasive and rude, and has a kid with him with the same attributes.
-Spencer puts up with the abuse for a while until Carly, Freddie, and Sam seek revenge on his behave.
-Carly, Freddie and Sam try to help the police by going undercover and find out the target isn’t selling pirated movies
-It turns out the 'pirated' movies are simply homemade films about actual pirates.
-Confronts issues of piracy
-They discuss what MPEG stands for and what it is.
-the issue of surveillance is also paramount in this episode.
Explores power relationships, conflict resolution, and revenge as an acceptable reaction to negative treatment.
-Guardian-minor relatationship
iCarly Saves TV
- Carly and Sam are doing a web show
- A little girl is watching ICarly, her dad wants her to watch his new show on TV, she does not like it and goes back to watching ICarly
- The father comes up with the idea to put Icarly on his TV network, he goes to school and takes Carly, Sam, and Freddy out of class and brings them to his studio in a limo
- At the studio he convinces them to do the TV show, they now have their own band, a recreated set, and a soundstage to rehearse on
- Freddy loses his job as the tech guy and is switched to producer, but the director tells Freddy to just stay out of the way
- A mascot dinosaur is put into the show, Carly and Sam do not like the change and Sam starts to beat up the dinosaur
- Sam and Carly try to get rid of the dinosaur, the station gets rid of the band and the piano player is now the dinosaur
- Freddy is the servant of the station and has to do everything the director asks of him
- Sam gets fired, Carly gets a new co-host who is a TV star and tries to take over the show
- The director of the station is changing everything about ICarly and Carly gets fed up with it and tries to leave
- Freddy quits the show and the TV network turns the show into a sitcom but gives ICarly their name back
- ICarly returns to the Internet web show and they make it the old way with no one telling them what to do, plus they have the piano guy, singing and playing the guitar
- cell phone use
- internet use/ web show
- Video camera and other electronics
- little girl uses computer for internet
- little girl watching television to view new show
- television studio equipment is used
- piano and other instruments
- microphones are used
- Spencer only cares about the limo, food and drinks when ICarly goes to TV
- Freddy's mom is super overprotective and treats him and spencer like they are little kids
- Spencer gets hurt and acts like a baby, Freddy's mom has to patch him up
iMight Switch Schools
-Sam and Freddie become upset when Carly is offered a full scholarship to an elite private school, Briarwood.
-Spencer spends the episode building a miniature golf course.
-Knowing that Freddie has feelings for Carly, Sam asks for Freddie help to prevent Carly from switching to Briarwood, so they decide to sabotage Carly's interview with the headmistress so she would no longer be considered for the scholarship.
-The two decide to make up a golf night (using Spencer's mini golf course) and invite people over to make noise and create chaos. They also reschedule Carly's interview so it takes place at her home, where all of the chaos is taking place.
-After her meeting with the School's Headmistress goes awry, Carly confronts the two about their sabotage, they apologize,and the headmistress admires the loyalty of Carly's friends.Despite that,Carly is sure she has no chance to be accepted at Briarwood any more and says she didn´t really want to go there anyway. she gets rejected.
-use of technology to sabotage Carly's interview.
-the appearance of 'old technology' used to create the golf course
Episode mainly focuses on the romantic interpersonal relationship between Carly and Freddy.
-themes of love and relationships; romantic feelings inspiring sabotage.
-Freddie is tired of constantly hanging out with girls (Sam and Carly) so Spencer takes him to a fencing studio.
-Freddie displays natural ability in fencing so Spencer puts him in a match against his rival Doug Toter.
-Meanwhile, Carly has to deal with the Dorfmans, weird relatives of hers, by herself in Spencer's absence.
-Carly vents about her frustration towards Freddie, who prevented Spencer's attendance at the evening with the Dorfmans, to Mrs. Benson who forbids Freddie from ever fencing again, which means no more guy-time.
-Even though Carly tries to reason with Mrs. Benson about letting Freddie fence again, she is adamant about it because apparently Freddie's grandfather was obsessed with the sport.
-it isnt until he Freddie threatens to never make a puzzle with his grandmother again that she permits him to dual Doug Toter.
-During the match Freddie is clearly more skilled so Doug cheats which enrages Mrs. Benson to the point that she and Freddie take everyone on in a dual.
-this episode returns to the old Nickelodeon themes displayed in "Wild and Crazy Kids" and "Legends of the Hidden Temple" of encouraging physical activity.
-Technology is not the focus of this episode, it is supplemental in that computers, cellphone, and cameras are visible but not emphasized.
explores boy-girl relationships, father-son type relationships, boy-boy relationships.
-"Man Time"
-treatment toward the elderly
-"Old" Stereotypes
iWin a Date

iHave a Love Sick Teacher
ACT 1:
- Ms. Ackerman is dumped by her boyfriend and takes it out on her classroom.
- Ms. Ackerman yells at Freddy, Carly tries to defend him and gets sent to the principals office.
- Spencer goes to a teacher conference and he asks Ms. Ackerman out on a date.
- They begin dating and Ms Ackerman becomes really nice.
- Ms. Ackerman gives her entire class A+'s and carmel apples.
- Ms. Ackerman becomes really possessive of spencer and he gets sick of it and breaks up with her.
- Ms. Ackerman is in denial about her breakup with Spencer
- She goes to Carly's house to have dinner with Spencer, but he makes it clear that they are broken up and she goes crazy with rage
- Ms. Ackerman takes the breakup out on her class once again, she gives Carly and F on a quiz she did not take, make Carly and Freddy do jumping jacks and makes Sam wash her car
- Ms. Ackerman and Spencer appear on the web show and the views vote if they should get back together or not
- The viewers say they should breakup and Ms. Ackerman get even madder
- Ms. Ackerman is arrested in the classroom the next day for downloading illegal music and the class then goes iceskating
- Cell phone use to call school nurse
- Cell phone and text use to call spencer
- Freddy brings over cables and tech supplies for web show
- Ms. Ackerman gives spencer a pear pod
- Ms. Ackerman downloads songs from a music sharing website
- Use the web show to
get Ms. Ackerman arrested
- Spencer acts like a child
- Carly acts like the adult
-Sexual tensions and sexual inuendos between Spencer, Ms. Ackerman, and Carly
- Sam and Carly act superior over Freddy during their webshow rehersal.
- Spencer works out but gets hurt doing it
- Carly tries to mediate Ms. Ackerman and Spencer on the web show
- Spencer and Ms. Ackerman act childish toward each other