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Detailed description of how gender, racial, role and occupational stereotypes are depicted in the episode
iSaw Him First
Act I
-Carly and Sam fall for the same guy.
-Both agree to date him and be mature about it.
Act II
-They cearly cannot be mature about dating the same guy and have a dispute.
-They apologize to each other and agree that the first who kisses him first wins him.
-Carly and Sam come up w/ a series of strategies get the guy to kiss one of them first.
-They both fail once the guys realizes how unruly and competitive they've become over him.
-Technology is used to conduct they're web show and as a form of entertainment (i.e. the magnet machine).
-Older pieces of technologies such as the elevator and smoke machine are portrayed as dysfunctional.
-Technology as a problem solver; the girls use the footage from their web show to try to figure who saw Shane first.
-Technology as an enhancer? The "helping bra?" push-up material and underwire?
-Technology being used to expose the truth. The "electricity was out" but Carly put romantic music on.
-Fred's and his friend Shane are called nerds because they're into technology and are in the AV Club.
-The fact that Carly and Sam are the only faces of the show could perpetuate the stereotype of women not being tech savvy or interested in technology; only good for entertainment or eye candy.
-Perpetuated stereotype of the parental figure, Spencer, being child-like.
-"Tell'em Shane" -> Sexual undertone?
-Men being viewed as the prize.
-Girl cattiness -> Carly and Sam insult each other, are being overly competitve, and are using manipulative tactics to get Shane and to make each other feel insecure.
-Girls are manipulative; willing to lie to get what they want.
-Quack doctor and lousy repairman.
-Nerds being unattractive and unworthy of attention. Also, wimpy, desperate and not "cool". Willing to take whatever they can just for attention.
-Boys being more interested in technology, toys, and gadgets than romance.
-Aggressive, unruly, crazy Black woman. Perpetuates mammie image.
iStage an Intervention
Freddie receives a chain letter through email and deletes it, after which Sam and Carly tell Freddie that he'll have bad luck now for not forwarding the email. Freddie doesn't believe the girls, but continues to be extremely unlucky (red sock turns white shorts pink, spider on face, computer explodes and bike falls apart).

Spencer brings home an old arcade game called "Pac Rat" and becomes addicted to it, even though he has to complete a labradoodle sculpture for an important client by Sunday. Freddie sees that the highest score ever on "Pac Rat" was by a girl named Sasha Striker, and Spencer plays for hours trying to beat record.

Sunday morning Spencer has yet to start the sculpture when the client comes to pick it up, and is upset but with Carly's persuasive skills he agrees to give Spencer another week. Spencer still obsessed with beating Striker's high score, continues to play- so on iCarly the girls and Freddie decided to search for Sasha Striker to help intervene with Spencer's addiction.

Sasha Striker comes to Carly and Spencer's apartment and has a battle to see how can get the highest score. With Striker, a news crew from the "Video Game Channel" comes with a slew of fans. Spencer beats Striker and they kiss goodbye. Spencer bribes Carly, Sam and Freddie with $20 each to help finish the statue by morning.

At the end of the show it is revealed that Sam was creating Freddie's bad luck, and Freddie gets revenge by texting Sam as if he was the most popular boy in school to meet him at the mall. The client and his wife love the sculpture. Carly attempts to play "Pac Rat" and falls asleep from playing so long. Spencer finds her and carries her to bed.
-chain letter email to Freddie
-videotaping close-ups for iCarly show
-Carly on cell phone talking to her Grandpa
-Spencer brings an old arcade game "Pac Rat" home and has to clean and fix it up
-Carly and Sam have to call for a cab because Spencer won't stop playing the game to drive them to Sam's house
-a video is sent to iCarly
-Freddie's computer starts to spark and explode
-News reporters come to see Sasha Striker from "Video Game Channel"
-E-vites online to a party
-iCarly.com shout out to play "Pac Rat"

-technology as addiction, distraction
-technology malfunctioning
-technology as nerdy
-Sam the "tom-boy" isn't afraid of the Spider, but Carly the "girly girl" is
-Boys and their video game addiction
-Carly has to intervene on Spencer's video game playing (parental behavior)
-Younger girls like "hot" older boys
-Sam's eating habits
-Knife as a gift giveaway on iCarly???
-Sasha Striker as sex object
-Nerdy video game fans
-Friend jealousy and competition for boys
iOwe You
Act I
-Carly and Freddy get tired of Sam hitting them up for cash.
-Sam tells them to calculate exactly how much she owes them and she'll pay back every dime.
Act II
-During iCarly, Freddy announces that Sam owes him and Carly money and they jokingly tell their audience to send them money.
-iCarly fans send money to their school and principal tells them to send it back b/c its illegal to solicit money from children over the internet.
-We find out that Sam gets a job to pay back Carly and Freddy but Spencer realizes that as long as Carly, Sam and Freddy provides a product or service (the Fudge Balls) for the money they recieved then the money is rightfully theirs.
-With the money they'll profit from sending out the Fusge Balls, they come up with a solution to get Sam to quit her job and possibly get her to pay them back.
-Technology used as an influencer.
-Technology as a "trouble maker" i.e. Freddy telling the wolrd wide web that Sam owes him and Carly money and Carly and Sam getting in trouble for soliciting money from kids over the internet.
-Snail Mail = inefficient.
-"Mean Girls" -> Sunshine girls that Spencer is competing against to sell Fudge Balls.
-Fudge BALLS? "Ahhh! My Fudge Balls!" --> o_0
-Men doing whatever they can for a womans attention.
-Disgusting fat man.
-Timid little girl.
-Spencer says "You can ask me." Then turns to the woman he likes and says "I'm easy." And he also says "I'd looove to help Emily." -> Sexual undertone?
-Is Sam not as privileged as Carly?
- Noteworthy: Black man in a positive leadership position and isn't portrayed as silly.
-Teenagers are irresponsible, lazy, mindless consumers (ie. Sam)
iHurt Lewbert
On an iCarly episode, the kids decided to play a prank on the mean doorman Lewbert, They set up video cameras to watch as a confetti bomb explodes in a muffin basket delivery, however, the bomb malfunctions and Lewbert gets injured. Paramedics come and the kids never admit their guilt.

Spencer decides to take over Lewbert's job as doorman while he recovers. He finds an old CB radio and talks to "truckers" even though they ask him to get off their channel.

Freddie, Carly and Sam help to take care of Lewbert because of their guilt for harming him. He is continually mean to them while they clean his apartment and help him. Freddie's mom comes to check on Lewbert and a romance begins. The girls make fun of Freddie saying Lewbert could be his new father.

Freddie decides to pretend to be hurt so his mother will focus her attention on him again. He falls down the stairs and his mother ends her relationship with Lewbert. The truckers come to the apartment building once Lewbert is back to being the doorman, and they beat him up thinking he is Spencer.
-cued audience laughter
-switching of cameras
-security camera
-walkie talkies
-technology malfunctions (confetti bomb and fan)
-slow-mo to laugh at Lewbert
-CB radio- trucker radio

-technology as exclusive
-technology as source of revenge
-technology as dangerous
-Sam interrupts Freddie when he tries to explain tech stuff
-Kids bossing around paramedics (adults)
-Doorman lives in crappy apartment
-Trucker talk/lingo
-Exclusivity on airwaves
-Sam lectures Lewbert about manners (she is least kind)
-Lewbert polite to mother
-sexual innuendos:
1. Fred's Mom: "My name means honeysuckle"
Lewbert: "I like honeysuckle"
2. Mom called Lewbert "Lube"
-humor in doorman getting beaten up?
iGo to Japan
Act I
-iCarly gets nominated for an iWeb Competition for Best in Comedy and they agree to go to the show in Japan to compete.
-They view their competitors and find that the Japanese team is stiff competition.
Act II
-Carly, Spencer and friends get "dropped" off in Japan and somehow make it to their hotel.
-Their Japanese competitors set them up so they'll lose.
-Mom/Spencer locate the kids and they go back to the iWeb awards but security tries to stop them from going in since they didnt have their iWeb Awards information.
-But Freddy is able to broadcast them from the holding that they're in and they win the show.
-Technology as a global outreaching tool.
-Technology as a learning tool.
-Technology as entertainment.
-Technology causing fear.
-Technology as an instant documenting tool.
-Old technology (books) are inefficient.
-Perpetuated hatred for France and the French. French are rude.
-British being the over-seeing authority figures.
-Canada isn't exciting?
-An over-obssesive smothering, paranoid mother ignorant of the outside.
-Women selling sex. Spencer bought the language tool because the "teacher" looked "hot".
-Japanese as competition; sneaky. Asians doing karate.
-S&M with the Swedish learning tool?
-Ditzy and evil cheerleaders.
-Carly and Sam not interested in learning. ie they walk away from Freddy when he wants to spout out information about Japan.
-Freddy continues to chase Carly.
-A lot of violence.
-When Carly asks Sam why she's asking Freddy for the camcorder and she says that they're going to post it on iCarly b/c "kids love violence."
-Americans thinking that anyone who does not meet the image of White America is beneath them i.e. Freddy's mom thinking that Kyoko and Yuki work at the hotel.
-Boys and girls dont get along: Kyoko and Yuki, Ms.Benson and Spencer, Carly/Sam and Freddy.
Special Features


Detailed description of the episode goes here
Detailed description of how various technologies are used and talked about in the episode
Detailed description of how gender, racial, role and occupational stereotypes are depicted in the episode
-Spencer decides to take Carly, Sam and Freddie out for breakfast; they go to Galini's Pie Shop
-They all love the pie so much, they ask the waiter for more pie to take home, but he can only give them a little because Mr.Galini is in the hospital therefore no more pie is being made
-Back at home Sam steals the last of the pie and eats it, they later find out that Mr. Galini had died so the pie shop will be closing down
-Spencer, Carly, Sam and Freddie head over to the pie shop to see if theres anything they can do, Mario the waiter tells them the only one with the recipe is Truddie, Mr. Galini's hard to look at grand-daughter. Carly makes Spencer try and flirt his way to the recipe. Truddie says she will give him the recipe if he goes on a date with her.
-After the date between Truddie and Spencer, she admits she doesnt really have the recipe and that her grandfather put it in his computer but she hasnt been able to find it yet
-Carly, Spencer, Sam and Freddie go to Mr. Galini's memorial service so Freddie can sneak into his office and search his computer for the recipe
-While Spencer and Carly are distracting the crowd, Sam and Freddie head into the office to search his computer. They get in to an altercation and the computer tower ends up falling over and smashing into pieces.
-Everyone rushes back to see what happend and thats when Carly discovers the recipes that have been hand written and stored in the actual computer tower
-Galini's goes back into business
-Sam Carly and Spencer each take a video on their phone of Freddie eating his frist Galini pie
-Spencer uses his cell phone to call the hospital to check on Mr.Galini
-Freddie refers to Mr.Galini's computer as a "dinosaur" because it was an old desktop
-Mr. Galini's grand-daughter was not that pretty therefore Spencer was hesitante when flirting with her
-Italian pie shop had an Italian waiter, Mario
Act 1: They do a Christmas Special fro iCarly and they dress Freddie up as a flashlight. Carly runs off after the show to see the tree Spenser got and Sam is left to help Freddie out of his costume.Sam leads Freddie to think she will help him but lets him fall to the ground trying to get the costume off. Sam leaves the room and Freddie is very upset with her. Spenser shows Carly the tree he made out of scrap metal. Despite his excitement, Carly is disappointed because she was looking forward to having a real Christmas tree. Both Sam and Freddie leave to spend time with their mothers. Spenser wakes up to the sound of the fire alarm going off because his magnetic tree is on fire. Carly tries to turn the fire alarm off with a pineapple while Spenser puts the fire out with a fire extinguisher. All the presents were burnt and Carly blames Spencer for not being normal enough to buy a real tree. Carly runs into the studio to escape Spencer and while talking to a small Christmas tree, a Christmas angel appears on the tv screen. The Christmas Angel, Mitch, says he'll grant her wish for Spencer to be born normal. Carly threatens to call the cops but Mitch is gone.

Act 2: The next day Carly wakes up to see that her apartment is filled with nice furniture and that Spencer is a lawyer. Freddy's mother comes over and its revealed that she is dating Spencer. At school things are also different, Freddy is dating Rona (someone he used to hate) and Carly is dating Nevel. Carly freaks out and runs to the studio which is now just a storage room. Mitch tells her that life can't be returned to normal until he gets his wings and he can't get his wing until Carly learns her lesson. Carly asks how Sam is and is lead to the juvenile hall. Carly convinces Sam that they are best friends by know all these obscure facts about her. When Carly returns home Spencer tells her that he is no engaged and Carly starts to scream at everyone. She calls for Mitch to help her and he doesn't show up. When she finally breaks down crying in the hall, Mitch returns everything back to normal. Carly hugs everyone and tells Spencer to keep the tree because she loves it. They decorate the tree and Mitch receives his chicken wings. The gang sings Christmas carols at the magnetic tree.
-Switching from Camera A to camera B for variety of shots.
- Flashlight costume that works.
- Magnetic Christmas Tree with a power switch
- Sam beats her old tv with a bat because she got a new one.
- Magnetic tree lights on fire
Smoke alarm goes off and no one knows how to turn it off.
-Christmas angel shows up on the tv and the television.
-Digital picture frame filled with Freddie and his girlfriend.
- Sam is a mean girl who won't help anyone
-"You don't want to know where the batteries go"
- Over bearing and protective mother (Freddy's mom)
- If Spencer was normal, he would be successful.
-Midgets are magical.
-Freddie pranks Sam after she put a dead fish in his locker by handcuffing her to Gibby
-Sam and Carly go see the movie "First Kiss"
-Later on, Sam Carly and Freddie talk about their first kiss, Sam goes downstairs and overhears Freddie admitting to Carly that he's never been kissed
-On the next iCarly show, Sam and Carly make a spoof off of teen movies and then Sam revels to the iCarly adience about Freddie's seceret and also that she has never kissed anyone either
-Everyone at school makes fun of him, he doesnt want to leave his house (fire escape)
-Carly confronts Sam and yells at her for doing that to Freddie so Sam apologies on iCarly
-Sam finds Freddie hanging out on his fire escape and she apologizes in person, he forgives her
-Sam and Freddie talk about never being kissed and decide to have their first kiss with eachother but agree to not tell anyone
-Clicker used on iCarly show to turn television on
-Freddie uses an iHome and iPear to listen to depressing music after everyone made fun of him
-Spencer watches football videos instead of phyically working out
-Girls take pictures of Freddie with their camera phone when his is being made fun of at school
-That it is "uncool" to never been kissed
-Spencer was surprised that Carly sent Nevel over to help him work out because he is overweight
-Two best friends share their first kiss with eachother not because it meant something just because they wanted to get it over with
iGive Away a Car
-Carly has a boy named Jeffery over to set up a contest that is sponsored by his father's car dealership (Flanken Motors)
-Spencer buys a space mobile from his favorite movie 'Galaxy'
-Brain buster winner contest winner wins a car
-Freddie tells Spencer he got ripped off and the space mobile wasnt the acutal one used on set, so spencer puts it away in storage
-Nevel wins the new car
-Sam Freddie Carly and Nevel head to Flanken Motors to get the car, they find out that the owner does not even have a son, there was never a car to give away
-Nevel threatens to report iCarly to the LCC for fraud
-They buy a junk car to give to Nevel but the man from the LCC says it must be new and go over 25 mph
-He gives them 24 hours to get Nevel his car or iCarly will be shut down
-They give Nevel the space car that Spencer bought because its new, not registered, and goes over 25 mph
-Nevel ends up crashing it
-Text the answer in to the contest
-Spencer finds car online
-Spencer gets ripped off by the car he bought online
-The way Nevel speaks he might come off as gay, he wants to open a men's clothing store?
-They man who sold them a stolen junk car was mexican
iRocked the Vote
They create an iCarly show where they show off what they would look like with troll hair. They then switch gears and talk about how they would love David to win "America Sings". The next day they all watch "America Sings" and get mad at how many commercials there are in the show. The announcer says that David won and they go nuts, hugging each other. They are making a new skit for iCarly when Spencer runs in saying that iCarly is on tv for influencing the votes on "America Sings". The loser then gives a sob story about his mother needing surgery. Plagued with guilt, Clary decides to invite him onto the show and make him a music video. Once the cameras are the British singer becomes a Diva, yelling at them about how they ruined his life. They make him a music video and put up with his abuse. Throughout this Spencer is dealing with his lying problem. A video rental store says he didn't return a DVD he borrowed 10 years ago. Sam tries to teach him how to lie in order to avoid the fee since he can't find the video. When he goes to the store, he cracks and tells the truth. The store clerk laughed at his antics and just deleted the DVD from their records. Freddie makes a really awesome music video for the diva and when the guy comes to collect it, its revealed that his mother is fine. As revenge they make a video about what a jerk he is and they have David come on to the show to say that even he doesn't like him. They release the guys hotel informational and tell fans to go give him a piece of their mind if they love America.
- use photoshop to see how they would look before doing it in reality.
- Sam licks Freddie's phone when he tried to show off his new app.
- Freddie makes the tv turn out faster and Carly doesn't notice.
- Spencer can't even operate a yo yo.
- Freddie uses editing skills make a great music video.
- Use their web show to influence their fans.
- iCarly reports on tv, tv reports on iCarly.
- Spencer is too dumb to lie.
- Cool kids will vote how iCarly wants.
-British people hate Americans.
- All British people play tennis.
- All famous people are really divas.
- Girls are only used to look nice next to cars.
- Sam is a tough girl and thus can't wear dresses.
iMeet Fred
iCarly about horse talk and then they show it on the screen in slow mode. They show all of them plus Sam's grandmother doing the slow mode horse lips. Sam and Clary then show off Fred, which they proclaimed the funniest guy on the internet. Freddie says on the show that he doesn't think that Fred is funny. Sam and Carly get mad at him but end the show anyways. Spencer runs into the studio to show off his magic meatball which he truly believes in, Carly calls him stupid for it. Spencer tries to follow the meatball's advice and ends up drinking ketchup. Sam and Freddie are waiting around the next day for Carly to come home, they get a bunch of text messages telling them to watch the video "Fred is Dead". In this video, Fred says his feelings were hurt by Freddie and he doesn't want to make his show anymore. Sam beats up Freddie and then he gets bullied at school for being the jerk that ruined Fred. Even his math league friends and other clubs kicked him out. Sam and Carly blame Freddie for getting them bullied as well. when they get home from school they have text messages telling them to go check out dontwatchicarly.com. The website is very popular and Sam once again hurts Freddie for it. Spencer then walks in with an ostrich named Marvin that his meatball told him to buy. Reporters knock at the door asking Carly about the feud with Fred. Later Freddie says its all Fred's fault for over reacting and they try to contact Fred. Fred e-mails them back asks them to come to his house in Idaho. Spencer got a great offer for his art and runs to the kitchen to ask the meatball for advice. Te meatball says no multiple times and Spencer declares it nonmagical. The guy offering him the deal is weirded out and runs away when the ostrich walks into the room. Carly and the others then ask Spencer for a ride to Idaho. They go to Fed's tree house and Fred demands that Freddie calls him funny. Freddie refuses so Sam takes him to the other room and beats him up until he changes his mind. Fred laughs and says he was never made he just wanted the ratings from the feud. Both iCarly and Fred's videos had a massive increase of viewings. Spencer gets attacked by Fred's dog so Sam has to go save him with some help from Freddie. Carly tells Fred that she would have been told the plan before things got this far. Fred apologizes and tries to hit on Carly only to be rejected. Fred comes onto iCarly to say they are all friendly now and hugs Freddie. They then show off the new Fred video featuring iCarly members.
- use slow mode to add humor on horse joke
- display names of people on the screen when introducing them.
- use tv to watch internet videos.
- search for Fred youtube videos.
- use text messaging to find out about popular internet news.
- end up surrounded by huge cameras and get on the news.
- Fred shows Carly the website traffic chart for her site.
-fast forward audio for the Fred video effect.
- use each other's videos to promote each other.
- Sam's grandmother has the nickname "J'Mam-maw" which sounds like white trash.
- Disagreeing with popular opinion will get you bullied.
- Only idiots believe in fortune telling devices.
-if you same lame words like "Brew haha"you deserve to get hurt.
- Even though he is popular, Fred is still not good enough to date because he is too nerdy/weird.
-Sam is a bad girl because her mom is also a bad girl.