Research question: How is double-coding used in the show and what effect does it have on children viewers?

Research Technique: online and library research, observation

Process: In order to fully answer this research question, I plan on closely watching episodes of iCarly so that I can make note of any examples of double-coding found on the show. I will then analyze each case of double-coding in an attempt to find a more specific pattern or trend developing. What I expect to see when I find this trend is instances in the show where an adult issue arises but is not discussed in any detail or it is brought up in a very vague way. Then I will use the internet and library in order to research what this trend might mean. Finally I will attempt to interview children viewers to get a better understanding of what double coding is doing to affect the children's viewing experience (ages of the kids will vary). I believe this topic is important because it allows me to figure out how much of these adult themes they are noticing (if any at all).

Great topic and it's certain that there will be some double-coding in iCarly, probably aimed at younger moms who co-view with their kids. You still need to include a rationale that offers an explanation of why this topic is important-- and please include some expectations of what you think you might discover. You have got a green light with this good idea, Aaron!