Mark Robinson
iCarly like many other Nickelodeon shows have many parodies of real products, companies or persons embedded within storyline of episodes. In the episode on iHeart Art, A Parody of Star War is represented through Galaxy Wars. Upon watching the episode I realized that Spencer and Freddie are huge fans. In the episode of iSaved Your Life, franchising and marketing of Galaxy Wars is represented when Freddie's pillows have the Galaxy Wars logo and design. In iGive My Car Away, Spencer buys what he believes is the actual Proton Cruiser used in Galaxy Wars, but Freddie shows Spencer that it is a fake.

In the episode iQuit iCarly; The Blowing is a sample of movie trailers clips of M. Night Shyamalan’s 2008 thriller "The Happening.” Like Kelly Cooper: Terrible Movie, the episode contained a mock-MPAA rating that warned viewers of obscene material such as "Shirtless Gibby." The trailer showed Sam having a conversation with Fleck about the wind. " In one part of the trailer, Gibby’s shirt was ripped off by the wind.

In the episode iCarly Saves TV; a TV network producer tries to turn Zeebo into a hit new TV show. Zeebo is actually just a man in a costume and is a parody of the children’s show Barney.

In the episode iStakeout, Scarlett's Web is introduced as a book and a movie, and it is a parody of Charlotte's Web. Later in the episode, Carly asks the neighborhood store employee for a cheap copy of 'Scarlett's Web', as proof for the police that the hustler was selling pirated movies. In addition, Scarlett’s Web was once assigned to Sam as a book report in IGot Detention.

In the episode iStart a Fanwar, World of Warlords is a parody of World of Warcraft. At the same time, Spencer dresses up as Arthur from World of Warlords over Webicon and confronts his character’s archenemy; Aspartamay. The both of them enter into a dual, and when Carly tries to break it up, Aspartamay kidnaps her and tries to make Spencer to admit that his costume is better. Carly ends up winning the fight for Spencer when she rips off Aspartamay's prized jewel, which he needs to survive.

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