1) iBlogs:
a. On the right side of the page are links to each characters personal blog. Freddie’s is entitled “iCarly update” where he debunks rumors, that are all fake and supposed to be funny. Carly’s is a section called “Overheard at the Gibson’s” where she makes fun of their family. Gibby's blog is entitled “How to catch a leprechaun”. Sam’s blog is called “my ‘late for School’ excuses” and details a list of excuses for kids to use with a disclaimer saying “if you get caught its not my fault”. Spencer’s blog is “Happy (vice) Presidents Day” which is a letter he wrote to the vice president saying he feels bad there is not vice presidents day. All of these blogs are meant to be comedic and all have a comments section where users can participate in the conversation.
2) iSnaps:
a. This is a section of just silly photos of all of them. One pictures Carly in a midriff baring bandana print shirt, short cutoff jeans and cowboy boots standing in front of her bed. After a few cowboy related photos is one of a little girl crying with the subtitle “Here's a pic of a little girl crying. What? This photo gallery was getting a little too cutesy with all the kittens and cowgirls.”
b. There is a photo of Gibby with a baseball bat in hand holding a fake Nevel hanging from a noose. Following is a photo of Sam with the bat pretending to hit the fake Nevel, the subtitle reads “ We hope Sam’s parole officer DOES NOT see this picture. She has not been legally allowed to hold a baseball bat since 2007.”
c. Next is a photo of Freddie dressed as a vampire making a funny face, Carly’s comment reads, “ Vampire Freddie looks hungry… and stupid.”
d. A few photos later is a shot of Carly and Nevel with the subtitle “ I felt bad for Nevel so I took this photo with him. Unfortunately, he used it as his splashface profile pic and posted that he was ‘in a relationship’ with me. Good thing he only has 3 friends.”
3) Vote:
a. This section allows you to vote for iCarly on the Kids Choice Awards website.
4) iVideo:
a. Icarly extras:
-Here are a bunch of short video clips that you can pick from which play on a player in the screen. The videos are mostly comedic and feature all the different characters. You can comment on the videos. Before each video is a commercial. One was for an iCarly movie coming out, one was for free games on the Nickelodeon site.
-One of the videos pictured Carly and Sam sitting at a piano dressed as cowgirls drinking “soda” out of beer shaped bottles.
- Another video is a repost of a music video saying, “ We are in Love! Watch it and tell us if you love it too.”

b. Your videos: You can watch videos posted by people who watch the show. Examples are “Nose wiggling”, “Mr. Mustache”, "Why is lunch meet round and bread square”, a bunch of Carly’s birthday related videos. Before each of these videos is also a commercial. Ex. Apps for your iphone.
5) iPLay:
a. ICarly Trivia is featured.
b. 4 pages of iCarly related games to choose from. Examples, “ Sam’s ping pong juvie escape”, “iDefeat psychos”, “Gibby’s shirtless showdown”, “iKick butt”, “Dip Miss Briggs”.
c. There are a few buttons where you can “Click to learn how to make your own web show”
6) iSongs:
a. this is a music player where there is a playlist of primary songs and then a larger playlist you can pick from. The artists are: iSongs That Make iCarly Happy, Harper, Backflesh. Victoria Justice, Soundtrack from Carly’s Daydream.
7) iNeed Help:
a. a question and answer question. Carly says at the top “ Sam, Freddie and I made this list of questions we thought you might ask. Hope this helps.” Most of the questions have to do with uploading your video to their site, getting on the show, sending in your photos. Under one question “What are the rules and guidelines for uploading or sending my video” it says, “ don’t say or do anything bad (nothing mean, no bad words)”
8) Send us Stuff:
a. Upload video
b. Upload photo
c. Ask us
d. Text us